Theophilus Lyons

???? - 1797


Death of Theophilus Lyons Esq. of St Mary's at Spanish Town reported in the Columbian Magazine December 1797. R.R. Madden in a confusing account shows 'Dr Lyons' as his great-uncle owning Marley and then it passing to Dr Lyons' brother Theodosius [sic] Lyons, who died at Spanish Town and to whom Madden referred as 'my uncle'; he also mentioned a maternal uncle dying in Jamaica, having overseen Marley [this uncle is identified as Garrett Forde by Karst de Jong], and the property passing to Madden's cousin Robert Lyons.


R.R. Madden, A Twelvemonths Residence in the West Indies pp. 221, 224, 233; Karst de Jong, 'THE IRISH IN JAMAICA DURING THE LONG EIGHTEENTH CENTURY (1698-1836)' (Unpublished PhD Thesis, Queen's University Belfast, Feb, 2017), p. 199 [accessed 05/11/2018].

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