Edward Chester

1692 - 1744


Owner of Briggins on Antigua, which he left to seven named children of his brother Granado [sic] Chester as tenants-in-common. According to deeds summarised by Vere Langford Oliver, at least two 1/12th shares in the estate were in the hands of two great-nieces of Edward Chester living in England in 1782 (Mary Seager of Drefow Court Golden Square and Ann Pattinson nee Seager of Hign Wycomb), and a further fraction was in the hands of Elizabeth Carbery of Southwark in 1793.

  1. Will of Edward Chester of Antigua gentleman proved 11/04/1745. The will shows his disposal of 'Briggens' to his nieces and nephews, and also Chester's recovery of improvements he had made to the estate, given as Orleans, of his late father-in-law Barry Tankard, of which he and his wife Russel were tenants-in-common. Russel later married as her second husband Admiral Richard Tyrrell.

  2. In 1726 the Royal African Company announced that it would put up for sale the North Sound estate late belonging to Edward Chester of Antigua in March next [i.e. 1727].


Vere Langford Oliver History of Antigua Vol. I pp. 126, 131 and 132.

  1. PROB 11/739/162.

  2. London Gazette 6508 30/08/1726-03/09/1726 p. 1.

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Russel Tankard

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- 1744 [EY] → Tenant-for-life

Tenant-for-life with his wife Russel nee Tankard

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Richard Tyrrell married Russel Chester nee Tankard, the widow of Edward Chester, in 1747....