Joshua Gillyat

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Connected with Mount Pleasant estate in Portland, Jamaica, which was registered to the deceased Joshua Gillyat in 1794 and to the heirs of Gilleal [sic] in the Jamaica almanacs of the early 1830s. Vere Langford Oliver ties this man to Antigua and shows his sons-in-law as [Peter] Anderson and Elliot.

Joshua Gillyat senior was listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owner of 430 acres of land in Portland.


'The Hon. Thomas Jarvis of Antigua, writing on 13 Feb. 1791, says: "Old Joshua Gillyat died at Jamaica. Anderson- married his dau. and Elliot another. They take possession of a valuable intailed estate "; and on July 31 "Gylliat's estate in Jamaica, left to the heirs of Elliott, has 200 slaves and makes 200 hogsheads. There are 3 to inherit. Mr Anderson having lost his wife, his only child gets one-third." On 18 Sep. 1791 he mentions a letter from Mr. Peter Anderson referring to his newly acquired plantation of 900 acres, and on 5 May 1792 Peter Anderson's dau. Eliza.', Vere Langford Oliver History of Antigua Vol II p. 18.

'A List of landholders in the Island of Jamaica together with the number of acres each person possessed taken from the quit rent books in the year 1754', TNA CO 142/31 transcribed at

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Vere Langford Oliver identified Peter Anderson as the son-in-law and co-heir of Joshua Gillyat, both of them formerly of...