Luke Bramwell I

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Slave-owner on Jamaica, co-owner with William Thomas Pike of estates on St Catherine. Deceased by 1826. LBS has yet to analyse the Bramwell family, but this man appears to have been the brother of William Bramwell (d. c. 1830).

  1. The will of an earlier William Bramwell contractor for the navy of Kingston proved 07/11/1795 made provision for his 'relation' Luke Bramwell. The will is accompanied by an extraordinary letter from Luke Bramwell of Kingston proposing to Ann or Anne Bramwell, William's widow, that the two settle at Garston, an estate in Lancashire left by William to his wife for life and then to Luke Bramwell.

  2. Luke Bramwell had eight children with "free quadroon" Mary Foster: Helen (born 19/08/1800 and baptised in St Elizabeth, 15/03/1801); Ann (born December 1801, baptised in St Elizabeth 17/12/1802; Eliza (born 14/12/1803, baptised in St Elizabeth 21/06/1806); Joseph (born 15/05/1794, baptised in St Elizabeth 21/06/1806); Mary (born 01/05/1809 and baptised 03/08/1813 in St Elizabeth); Luke (born 20/06/1811 and baptised 03/08/1813 in St Elizabeth); Stephen Denton (born 09/05/1813 and baptised 03/08/1813 in St Elizabeth); and Martha (born 09/04/1818, baptised in Kingston, 21/09/1818). At the same time as the 1813 baptisms (Mary, Luke and Stephen Denton) took place there were also baptised two "sambos" and twenty-one "negroes" belonging to Luke Bramwell and eleven "negroes" belonging to Mary Foster, “free quadn”.

  3. Ensign, St Elizabeth Regt., 1802; Lieut., 1805; Capt., 1808; Major, 1812. Deputy Quartermaster General, Cornwall, 1824.

  4. Described as deceased in 1826.


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  4. Royal Gazette of Jamaica, 21/10/1826.

We are grateful to Paul Hitchings for his assistance with compiling this entry.

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1817 [EA] - 1817 [LA] → Executor

Executor of William Stephenson Esq. Conceivably Luke Bramwell II but more likely Luke Bramwell I.

1817 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Joint owner
1817 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Executor
1817 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Owner
1826 [EA] - → Previous owner
1817 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Executor
1817 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Joint owner
1817 [EA] - 1821 [LA] → Not known

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Luke Bramwell I has been inferred by LBS to have been the Luke Bramwell appearing in the will of William Bramwell navy contractor of Kingston, proved in 1795, which described him as a relation and...
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