Charles Graham of Jamaica

???? - 1801


Owner of Williamsfield estate in Manchester, Jamaica. In Edinburgh when he wrote his will in 1799. Husband of Dorothy Graham and father of Lady Dora MacDonald (each of whom q.v.). He made provision for a reputed son John Graham 'a free quadroon' to rent and stock farm in Scotland; and left enough money to buy 'three new negroes' for a reputed daughter Mary Graham (again, 'a free quadroon') if she remained in Jamaica or £200 if she moved to England. His residuary heir was his daughter Dorothy [later known as Dora] Graham, failing whom his nephew John Graham son of his oldest brother Robert.

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PROB 11/1361/159 - precis.

Charles Graham late of Jamaica now of Great Britain.

To my wife Dorothy Graham £500 sterling per annum for life.

To Miss Jane Hunter of Calton Hill, Edinburgh £50 sterling.

To my nieces Elizabeth Graham, Molly Graham and Janet Graham now Janet Marshall £50 each.

To Charles Graham Marshall, son of Janet Graham Marshall £200.

To my nephew John Graham, son of Robert Graham £200.

To Janet Graham wife of John Graham £50 and to her daughter Miss Charles Graham £100.

[Various bequests of similar size to other relatives]

All my carriage horses, carriages, household furniture and plate, linen and wearing apparel to my wife Dorothy Graham to the value of £1,000.

All the rest and residue of my estate to my daughter Dorothy Graham. Should I have children hereafter it is my express will and intention that the rest and residue of my estsate be divided between my daughter Dorothy Graham and such sons and daughters as I may have. Executors to manage the estate until my children reach age 21. In default to my nephew John Graham, son of my oldest brother Robert Graham and an additional £500 a year to my wife...

To my reputed son John Graham, a free quadroon, £600 sterling to enable him to rent a farm in Scotland and to stock the same or to be applied for his behoof and benefit in any manner my executrix and executors may think best for his advantage.

To my reputed daughter Mary Graham, a free quadroon, as much money as will purchase three new negroes if she remains in Jamaica but if she goes to Great Britain then £200 sterling to her.

To my reputed children John and Mary £20 each till they arrive at age 21.

My wife to be executrix. John Hilton, Robert Ross, Alexander Forbes, all of Jamaica, to be executors. Mrs Graham, John Hilton, James Dick and Robert Ross to be guardians of my children.

Written at Edinburgh 07/11/1799.

Proved in London 07/08/1801.

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