John Anderson Kennedy I

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Owner of Mount Oliphant in Manchester, Jamaica. Deceased by 1826.

  1. John Anderson Kennedy of the parish of St Ann, esq., and Margaret Sill of the parish of Manchester, spinster, were married by licence at Great Pond Plantation, 23/11/1825.

  2. Will of John Anderson Kennedy of Manchester Lancashire [sic: in fact Jamaica] [made in 1826] proved 27/10/1830. In the will he left £500 each to three of his nephew and nieces, and his estate in trust for his wife Margaret for life and then to his half-sisters Elizabeth Anderson Kennedy and Ann Kennedy.


T71/915 Manchester Nos. 413 and 415; Manchester claim no. 412.

  1., Jamaican parish registers, Manchester baptisms, marriages and burials 1816-1838 p. 4.

  2. PROB 11/1777.

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Margaret Sill

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