Abraham Rawlinson MP of Ellel Hall

1738 - 1803


MP for Lancaster, West India merchant with one known slave-trading voyage (shown as 'merchant' in the History of Parliament) and son of Thomas Hutton Rawlinson and first cousin of Henry Rawlinson (q.v.).

  1. The will of Abraham Rawlinson of Ellet [sic] Hall was proved 09/01/1804. He left £1000 to his sister Mary Rawlinson, £2500 to his nephew by marriage John Ford (the husband of his niece Mary Chorley, in turn the daughter of his sister Sarah Chorley) and £2500 to her [Sarah Chorley's] other daughter Sarah who had married John Walker. To the two children of his sister Elizabeth Ford, named [confusingly] John Ford and Ann Barclay he gave £5000, and to another niece Mary Hutton Vyvyan he left further £1000. He left £400 in trust to pay the interest to his cousin Dorothy Kenyon, and his 10 shares in the Lancaster Canal to Abraham Rawlinson Barclay, son of his niece Ann Barclay. He left his one-ninth share in Gouyave and and his moiety of an English estate at Howlin Carr, Co. Durham in trust to be sold for his residuary legatees.


The Trans-atlantic Slave Trade Database shows the voyage of the Molly to Jamaica in 1776, owned by John Chorley, Abraham Rawlinson jr., Henry Rawlinson and Moses Benson, with 328 enslaved people boarded of whom 300 were disembarked; 'Abraham Rawlinson (1738-1803)', http://collections.lancsmuseums.gov.uk/narratives/narrative.php?irn=156 [accessed 22/06/2016]; History of Parliament online, http://www.historyofparliamentonline.org/volume/1754-1790/member/rawlinson-abraham-1738-1803 [accessed 22/06/2016].

  1. PROB 11/1404/26

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- 1803 [LA] → Joint owner

Abraham Rawlinson left his one-ninth share of the Gouvaye estate in trust in his will to be sold for the benefit of his heirs, including his nephew-by-marriage, John Ford, the husband of the Rawlinson's sister Margaret Chorley. Lancashire Museums 'Abraham Rawlinson (1738-1803)' http://collections.lancsmuseums.gov.uk/narratives/narrative.php?irn=156 shows the Rawlinson family's ownership of the 'Goyave' estate on Grenada.

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Commercial (1)

Firm Investment
Lancaster Canal
Canal Company  
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Abraham Rawlinson MP left 10 shares in the Lancaster Canal in his will proved in...

Cultural (1)

Portrait of Abraham Rawlinson by George Romney, now in the Walker Collection in the Judges' Lodgings in Lancaster with other family... 
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Physical (1)

Country house
Ellel House [Built] 
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Ellel House, confidently described in two sets of undated estate agents particulars as built c. 1780 for Abraham Rawlinson to Robert Adam designs. This has not been verified...
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Lancaster Lancashire
1780 - 1790

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First Cousins

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Ellell Hall, Lancashire, North-west England, England