Gabriel Rowland

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Owner of Chatsworth coffee plantation in Port Royal, Jamaica. Wrote his will in March 1805 [proved 03/04/1810, 'of Port Royal']. His estate, which he believed would raise at least £20,000, was inherited by his nieces Ann Campbell nee Rowland and Mary Fraser nee Rowland. Probably also the father of William, an enslaved person manumitted and bequeathed £600 currency in Gabriel Rowland's will. Deceased by the time of his niece Mary's wedding in April 1807. Possibly the Gabriel Rowland Esquire of Houghton Street who was buried in Liverpool 28/12/1805 age 62.


PROB 11/1510/38. Scots Magazine and Edinburgh Miscellany vol. 69 part 1 p. 397., Lancashire, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812 [database online].

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PROB 11/1510/38 - precis.

To my dear wife Elizabeth Rowland £400 sterling and an annuity of £250 sterling for life in lieu of dower.

To Elizabeth Bonner[?] of England, gentlewoman, an annuity of £10 sterling above the £40 already settled by me upon her and Isabella Bonner by deed.

To my brother Edward Rowland of [blank] an annuity of £30 sterling for life. To my nieces Mary and Ann (daughters of Edward Rowland) an annuity of £125 sterling each and it is my wish that they rent a house together with my wife Elizabeth and live with her under her care until marriage.

To my three nieces Emma, Elizabeth and Edward Rowland (children of my brother Edward Rowland) £100 sterling each at marriage or age 21.

To my cousin Elizabeth Rowland (daughter of my [blank - uncle?] Gabriel Rowland £100.

To my half-brother [?] Rowland and half sister Catherine Rowland £5 each.

To Ann Frances Cockburn, daughter of Sarah Stratford Cockburn £500 at marriage, the interest to be paid out by my trustees and executors in negroes in her name and for her use.

Executors to manumit my negro slave named William Rowland. He to be permitted to reside upon my estate called Chatsworth until it be sold. If he choose to live on the plantation and assist in the management of it he is to have a salary of £20 per annum. My executors to lay out a further sum of £300 currency in the purchase of negroes for my said slave named William his heirs and assigns for ever, also to lay out a further sum of £300 currency in the purchase of land for him.

All rest and residue to Rev. Thomas Rees, rector of Kingston, John Garnett of Kingston, merchant, and my wife Elizabeth Rowland, Sarah Humphries of Shrewsbury in Shropshire, England, gentlewoman and Evan Jones of the City of London, Gentleman, upon trust to sell the residue of my estate for the best price so that the purchase money shall amount to at least £20,000 sterling to be paid in England. The money to be invested in government or other approved real or personal securities at interest, a principal sum always be set apart in such securities sufficient to pay the several annuities hereintobefore bequeathed. Upon further trust that one equal moity of the surplus shall be to my niece Mary Rowland at age 21 or day of marriage. The remaining moity to my niece Ann Rowland at age 21 or at marriage. If the estate is not sold before my nices reach marriage or the age of 21 then the residue of my estate to them as tenants in common.

Signed 27/03/1805.

Proved at London 03/04/1810.

Coffee planter

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Probably also sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Jane Rowland was the executrix of Edward Rowland, who was an annuitant under the will of his brother Gabriel...