Margaret [surname unknown]

1805 - ????


Born enslaved, the daughter of 'Nancy the first' in Jamaica. 'Nancy the first' was born in Africa and her age was given as 35 in 1817. Margaret's 'colour' was given as 'Negro' in the slave register of 1817, when herself and her mother, sister and two brothers were owned by John Black and lived upon Elderslie Hedge estate in Trelawny.

John Black died in 1825. In his will he instructed his executors and trustees to manumit Margaret and her 'mulatto' son Robert, then aged 5, and bequeathed an annuity of £70 Jamaican currency to Margaret. The same consideration was not extended to Margaret's mother, sister and older brother who, in line with the instructions in John Black's will, had been sold by 1826 for the benefit of Black's estate.


T71/224 p. 69; T71/235 [unpaginated].

PROB 11/1710/483.

Further Information

[illegitimate] John

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1825 [SY] - → Annuitant