John Kelly of St Thomas-in-the-East

???? - 1791


Uncle of James Kelly and John Kelly of Greencastle and Newtown (both of whom q.v.). This was possibly the John Kelly who was overseer, then manager and finally attorney for Golden Grove estate who bought and rented enslaved people to the estate. He had accumulated significant wealth, leaving £12,000 currency and annuities of £350 sterling p.a.

  1. Will of John Kelly of St Thomas-in-the-East proved 13/04/1791. The will refers to 'lands' in St David and St Thomas-in-the-East: although no estate has yet been identified definitively as his, his nephews held Greencastle Pen in St Thomas-in-the-East.


B.W.Higman, Plantation Jamaica pp.160-1 and 203-4.

  1. PROB 11/1203/258.

Further Information


PROB 11/1203/258 - precis.

John Kelly of St Thomas-in-the-East, Jamaica, Esquire.

To my niece Mary Kelly, daughter of my brother James Kelly of the city of Cork, Ireland, merchant, £5,000 Jamaican currency.

To my niece Bridget Kelly, daughter of John Kelly of Ireland, farmer by Cicily Lirvwike[?], £5,000 Jamaican currency.

To my nephew Robert Kelly an annuity of £150 sterling per annum for life. After his decease, the annuity of £150 per annum to his brother John Kelly and James Kelly and the survivor of them for life to be equally divided.

To my particular friend Robert Richards of St David, Jamaica, Esquire, 20 guineas for a mourning ring.

To my friend Mr Ambrose Carter of St Thomas-in-the-East, 10 guineas.

To my brother James Kelly of Cork, Ireland, merchant, an annuity of £200 sterling per annum for life.

All rest and residue in the manner following:

One moity to my nephew John Kelly and immediately after the determination of that estate by forfeiture or otherwise in the lifetime of John Kelly then this moity to Robert Hibert and Richard Grant, both of the parish of Kingston, and George Scott of St Thomas-in-the-East in trust for John Kelly and his assigns to take the rents and profits for his own use. Immediately after the death of John Kelly, the said moity to the first son of John Kelly lawfully begotten, then the second son etc., then the daughters share and share alike. If John Kelly dies without issue then the moity to my nephew James Kelly, son of my brother James Kelly.

The remaining moity to my nephew James Kelly on the same terms, remainder to John Kelly etc.

James Kelly authorised to charge his moity with the payment of any sum not exceeding £3,000 for the benefit of any children of John Kelly lawfully begotten not being an eldest son or only chld. John Kelly authorised to charge his moity in the same terms for the benefit of the children of James Kelly.

George Grant of St Thomas-in-the-East, Angus Macbean and Thomas Bagnold and George Kinghorne of Kingston merchants, George Scott and my nephew John Kelly to be executors.

Signed 27/02/1790.

Codicil dated 23/11/1790. I revoke my will in respect to all my lands in the parish of St David in Jamaica and St Thomas in the East. My lands in St David and my house at Bath in St Thomas-in-the-East to my executors to be sold and the proceeds to form part of my personal estate. To Thomas Kelly Geogehegan, son of Joseph Geogehegan of St David, Planter, £2,000 Jamaican currency.

Proved at London 30/04/1791 by the oath of John Kelly Esquire, the nephew.

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1779 [EA] - 1781 [LA] → Attorney
1778 [EA] - → Attorney
1782 [EA] - → Attorney

Relationships (2)

Uncle → Nephew
Notes →
John Kelly of Greencastle also inherited one half of John Kelly of St Thomas-in-the-East's estate in...
Uncle → Nephew
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James Kelly also inherited one half of John Kelly of St Thomas-in-the-East's estate in...