Caleb Buglass

1738 - 1797


From Berwick-upon-Tweed, where he trained and traded as a bookbinder. After his bankruptcy in the 1760s he moved to the Americas, firstly to Grenada where he reportedly owned an estate called Morne Tranquille, then to Philadelphia, where he built a significant business as a bookbinder. He inherited slave-property in Tobago from his brother Ralph Buglass (q.v.).

  1. BUGLASS, CALEB. City of Phila. Book binder. November 12, 1794. January 8, 1807. 2.46. To son Caleb Buglass of Berwick upon Tweed in North Britain, clock and watch maker, my lands in sd. town, he paying to my two daus. Margaret and Grace &c. To Exec. and Trustees in trust, all my real estate in Island of Tobago, formerly the estate of my decd. bro. Ralph Buglass, also estate in Island of Granada [sic], they to pay to wife &c. (name not given) and my two minor daus. Ann and Hannah. Exec. and Trustees: John Clifford, Robert Henderson, merchants, John Craig Wells, counsellor at law in Phila. Wit: Elisha Fisher, John D. Clifford, Jacob Dietrick.


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  1. Wills: Abstracts, Book 2 - Part A: 1806 - 1807: Philadelphia Co, PA [accessed 04/08/2016].

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(1) Rachel Johnston (2) Mary Early
Caleb; Margaret; Grace; Ann; Hannah

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Caleb Buglass was also the principal beneficiary of the will of his brother...

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