James Jordan

???? - 1812


  1. Will of James Jordan planter of Dominica [made and attested in Dominica in 1812] proved in London 22/01/1813. Under the will he left £2000 to his niece Sarah Mary Jordan of Dominica (with provision for her to return to Britain), an annuity of £40 p.a. to his sister Mrs Jones now in London, and several legacies of £50 each to family members. He left his unnamed coffee estate to his nephew John Jordan, a Captain in HM's 27th Regiment of Foot now or lately in Sicily. His London consignee - and one of his executors - was John Blackburn (q.v.).

  2. The return by Alex Robinson, attorney of the heirs of James Jordon, owners for 1820 for Cinnamon Hill shows 54 enslaved people were sold to J H Allbouy Esq. of Demerara by Col. Jordan and exported to that colony.


  1. PROB 11/1540/330

  2. T71/350 155 - 157

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