Sarah Ann Rawlins

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Slave-owner on St Kitts, a widow residing in Bilby Place Kennington in the mid-1830s who had come to England in 1825.


T71/1609 letter from Sarah Anne Rawlins 'late of Island of St Kitts [since 1825] now Residing at No 1 Bilby Place Kennington. 05/11/1836 to Court of Chancery : has two female slaves and families, have received no compensation, 'not having any person filing an [Extract] for me'. Slaves since husband's death in St Kitts have been working to maintain themselves 'by my wish, thinking when Emancipation took place I should with other slave owners receive the compensation granted by a Humane and Generous Govt... I have three children entirely dependant upon me. I have no income but my own exertion to support my family.' T71/1593 p. 321 09/11/1836 to Sarah Anne Rawlins 1 Bilby Place on how to proceed: if you did not file, may be no money over.

T71/879 St Kitts no. 762 (Harris), T71/1032 claim by John Hart Rawlins trustee for Sarah Ann Rawlins residing in England widow.

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Stedman Rawlins

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£644 17s 10d

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1834 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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1 Bilby Place, Kennington, London, Surrey, London, England