Hon. Andrew Ross of St Vincent d. 1793

???? - 1793


There were two men named Andrew Ross active on St Vincent in the 1790s and early 1800s, both referred to in different sources as 'Hon.': one this man, father of John Pemberton Ross (q.v.) and husband of Bridget Ross (q.v.), and the second Andrew Ross (d. 1806) the father of Henry James Ross (q.v.). In addition, a third Andrew Ross, of Westmill Hertfordshire whose will was proved in 1793, was a creditor of his brother-in-law George Webbe of Nevis.

  1. The will of Andrew Ross of St Vincent [made in 1788] was entered 27/03/1793. It left his estate to his son John Pemberton Ross subject to £5000 currency to his daughter Bridget Ross, and left his wife, also named Bridget, £165 currency p.a. if his estate was not 'dow[er]able.'


  1. Deed Book 1793 Vol. 1, British Library, EAP688/1/1/8, https://eap.bl.uk/archive-file/EAP688-1-1-8 pp. 374-5.

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