Samuel Bosanquet II

1744 - 1806


Huguenot family originally from France. Eldest son of Samuel Bosanquet I (1700-1765) and Mary Bosanquet née Dunster. Samuel Bosanquet II was Governor of the Bank of England (1791-1793) and of the Levant Company. Cousin of Jacob Bosanquet, a chairman of the East India Company. Samuel Bosanquet I bought Forest House in Leyton, Essex, in 1743 and, following an inheritance from his brother Claude in 1786, Samuel Bosanquet II bought Dingestow Court in Monmouthshire. Father of Samuel Bosanquet III, Charles Bosanquet and John Bernard Bosanquet (each q.v.), but no evidence has been found to date to tie Samuel Bosanquet II himself to slave-ownership.


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Further Information

Eleanor Hunter
Samuel, Charles, John Bernard

PROB 11/1445/277 - precis.

Samuel Bosanquet of Forest House in the parish of Leyton, Essex.

Confirm marriage settlement dated 19/11/1767 for wife then named Eleanor Hunter. The provision for her has been invested in the purchase of stock of the Governor and Company of the Royal Exchange Assurance Office, the sum of £4,000 in the names of Henry Hunter and William Bosanquet Esquires, the trustees named in the marriage articles. Henry Hunter is now deceased.

To my wife the house inhabited at present by my eldest son at Whipps Cross at the end of my grounds belonging to Forest House for life.

To my brother William Bosanquet and to William Manning of Teteridge in Hertfordshire £10,000 in the 3 per cent annuities, my wife to receive the dividends for life. The capital sum to go to my eldest son Samuel on her death.

To my wife £1,000 within six months of my death. Also to her £100 within 14 days of my death.

If my wife desires to live at my house called Dingerton Court in Monmouthshire she shall have the right to it for life.

To my second son Charles Bosanquet £10,000.

To my third son John Bernard Bosanquet of Lincolns Inn £3,000 in addition to what I have already advanced. The money to be added to the money controlled by trustees to complete his marriage settlement.

By my marriage settlement £150 a year of the stock of fund called long annuities consolidated, now standing in the name of my brother William Bosanquet as survivor of Henry Hunter deceased subject to my wife's estate for life therein in trust for me, I give the sum of £150 a year to my brother in trust for one moity to my second son Charles and the other moity to my third son John Bernard.

All rest and residue to my son Samuel.

Executors to be my brother William and my son Samuel.

To my brother William 100 guineas.

Signed 17/11/1804.

Codicil dated 17/01/1806. To my sister Mrs Mary Fletcher widow £50. To Samuel Robert Samson Esquire £50. To Mrs Jane Franks widow £50. To Mrs Mary Whittingham, wife of Revd. W. Whittingham, £50. To Mrs Susanna Whatman widow £50. To Robert Soolford of Lincolns Inn Field Esquire £50. To my daughter-in-law Phillippa Laetitia Bosanquet £50. To my daughter-in-law Charlotte Ann Bosanquet £50. To my daughter-in-law Mary Ann Bosanquet £50. To Mrs Harriet Moras widow £50. To Henry Lammoy Hunter Esquire £50. To Claudius Stephen Hunter Esquire £50. To William Manning Esquire £50. To Mrs Hester Toterill £50. To Mary Buxton £30. To Margaret Alcock widow £30. [Smaller bequests to servants and charities.]

Proved in London 18/07/1806 by Eleanor Bosanquet the widow, William Bosanquet the brother and Samuel Bosanquet the son.


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Addresses (2)

Dingestow Court, Dingestow, Monmouthshire, South Wales, Wales
Forest House, Leyton, Essex, South-east England, England