Thomas Maxwell of Christ Church Barbados

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Possibly the owner of Maxwells prior to his death between 1745 and 1751. To date his daughter Elizabeth Maxwell has not been further traced.

  1. Will of Thomas Maxwell of Christ Church Barbados [made in 1745] proved in London July 1751. Under the will he left his unnamed estate to his daughter Elizabeth Maxwell and her heirs, failing whom it would pass to his nephew William Adams son of Thomas Adams Esq., he [William] paying half the value to Thomas Maxwell's nieces and nephews except the children of his [the testators' ] sister Anne, to whom he left nothing other than £200 currency to his niece Elizabeth Terrill. Although the will is silent on a wife, this man appears to have been the Thomas Maxwell who married Elizabeth Elliott nee Waldrond, who according to Hughes Queree left her estate of Waldrond (later Adams Castle) to Thomas Maxwell Adams the elder in 1750, although William Adams would have been his great-nephew by marriage rather than nephew as stated in the will. The executor under the will of Thomas Maxwell was George Graeme, the brother-in-law of Elizabeth Maxwell formerly Elliott nee Waldrond, tending to confirm the identification of Thomas Maxwell the testator as the husband of Elizabeth Maxwell nee Waldrond.


  1. PROB 11/789/13

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(2) Elizabeth Elliott nee Waldrond?

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1745 [EA] - 1751 [LA] → Owner

A tentative association only, inferred from the will of Thomas Maxwell but not confirmed by other sources.