William Barnett aka Smoking Billy

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Resident slave-owner on Jamaica, owner of Barnstable or Barnstaple in Trelawny. Dead by 1787. This is shown as a different man from the Hon. William Barnett of Arcadia (q.v. under William Barnett II) in the list of proprietors in Trelawny in 1776, which is also source of the alias 'Smoking Billy,' which has not been traced elsewhere.


Attachment to the 1839 Jamaica Almanac, ESTATES IN TRELAWNY, WITH NAMES OF PROPRIETORS IN 1776 and after 'The following List of Estates in the Parish of Trelawny, with the Names of the Proprietors and Families residing thereon in 1776, as also Estates settled since that period, was transmitted to us by a Gentleman of that Parish, who obtained it from an highly respectable inhabitant, now in his 87th year. Compiler', Estates in Trelawny, with names of the Proprietors and Families residing ther[e]on in 1776, http://www.jamaicanfamilysearch.com/Members/AL39Lis6.htm [accessed 17/11/2016].

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1787 [EA] - 1795 [LA] → Previous owner