Robert Wadham Spragge

1766 - 1853


Lessor of the Cheshire estate at least between 1787-1792. The estate was shown as owned in 1774 by George Wadham Spragge, who has not been further traced. On 10/12/1787, Robert Wadham Spragge and his mother Jane leased the estate to Dugald and Elizabeth McLachlan of Marylebone, in exchange for £1000 p.a., 2/3rd for Robert Wadham Spragge and 1/3rd to Jane Spragge. In 1792, the Spragges leased and released the estate to John Tharp, and assigned to him the lease of the McLachlans. The estate passed to Hon. John Tharp in 1794 on the lease of the McLachlan's being 'usurped.'

  1. Will of Robert Wadham Spragge [late of Hyth] of Tenterden Kent [made in 1809] proved 08/11/1853. The will is short and leaves all his property to his wife, who was his executrix.


Cambridgeshire Archives, R/55/7/122/(e) - Bundle 5. Title deeds of Cheshire estate, &c. R/55/7/122/(e)/4 - 10/12/1787 Robert Wadham Spragge and Jane his mother to Dugald and Elizabeth McLachlan of Marylebone; R55/7/122(e)/9 - 27/02/1792 Robert Wadham and Jane Spragge to John Tharp of Trelawny, now residing in Great Cumberland Place. Assignment of Bond of Dugald McLachlan, Elizabeth McLachlan and others to Robert Wadham and Jane Spragge, dated 10 December 1787.

  1. PROB 11/2181/114.

See 'Karin's Attic', [accessed 02/03/2018] for more information.

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Mary Stevenson

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Tenterden, Kent, South-east England, England
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For the birth of his children from 1800-1811; then stated in his will

York Square, Stepney, London, Middlesex, London, England