Joseph Gillbanks

???? - 1853


Husband of Mary Gillbanks nee Jackson, great-niece of the Hon. William Jackson (q.v) and niece and beneficiary under the will of William Jackson (q.v.) and of William Jackson's natural son and main heir William Thomas Jackson. Joseph Gillbanks had himself reportedly been a merchant in Jamaica, returning home to buy the Whitefield estate in Cumbria, on which he built Whitefield House, now known as Overwater Hall. His son Jackson Gillbanks, the namesake either of William Jackson or the Hon. William Jackson (or both) was the composer of The Horn of the Hunter, or John Peel's Echo c. 1859.

Sources [accessed 11/12/2016]. The site shows Mary Gillbanks nee Jackson as the niece rather than grand-niece of William Jackson Chief Justice of Jamaica; Roud Folksong Index S370721.

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Mary Jackson

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Country house
Whitefield House, now Overwater Hall [Built] 
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Whitefield House, now Overwater Hall, late Georgian/early Victorian house in Cumbria built by Joseph Gillbanks and now an...

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Joseph Gillbanks married Mary Jackson, niece and co-residuary heiress of William...

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Whitefield House, Ireby, Cumberland, Northern England, England