Rev. Duncan Menzies

???? - 1781


Clergyman of Teston and owner of an annuity on the lives of his two children William Philip Menzies (q.v.) and Mary Menzies which he had apparently bought from Montague James (q.v.) secured on the Spring estate in Jamaica.

  1. Will of Rev. Duncan Menzies, clerk of Teston Kent proved 13/11/1781. In the will he left £20 p.a. to his present wife Mary from 'a certain annuity' of £90 p.a. secured on the lives of his son and daughter and the longest lived of them. He also had unspecified holdings in the South Sea Co. annuities which he left 1/3rd to William Philip Menzies and 2/3rds to Mary his daughter.


The annuity is referred to in the correspondence of the Commissioners of Compensation, T71/1592 and T71/1608 at TNA in Kew, Letter, received 30/10/1835, from G. Heath, 11 Chancery Lane, London, stating: 'As one of the parties interested under the will of the late Wm Dunbar who purchased of Wm Philip Menzies the moiety of an annuity of £90 which his father Duncan Menzies had purchased from Mr Montague the owner of the Spring Estate in Hanover...'.

  1. PROB 11/1084/121.

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Married but no further details
William Philip; Mary

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- 1781 [EY] → Annuitant

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The Rev. Duncan Menzies had purchased an annuity of the life of his son William Philip Menzies and his daughter Mary Menzies apparently secured on the Spring estate of Montague James, from whom he...
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Teston, Kent, South-east England, England