Alice Kennion

1730 - 1813


Absentee slave-owner in Jamaica, co-owner of Hall Head, dying at Liverpool in her 84th year in 1813. Widow of John Kennion of Liverpool, the former Collector of Customs there. Her path to ownership has not yet been fully traced; her husband appears to have died c. 1785.

  1. Will of Alice Kennion widow of Liverpool [made 04/10/1796] proved 26/03/1813. She left: £2000 to Mrs Mary Griffith of Berw [?} in the county of Anglesea, and in the event of her death to her sons Holland Griffith and Richard Griffith; the interest on £1500 to Margaret Kirkpatrick wife of Hershel [?] Kirkpatrick dissenting minister of Park Lane Lancashire for life and then the principal to her children; and the interest on £200 to Alice Perry wife of Thomas Perry merchant of Liverpool. After several other monetary legacies to among others Samuel Kennion (son of Edward Kennion of Manchester) and the sons of John Kennion late of Jamaica, brother of Samuel Kennion, she left in trust (her trustees were Abraham Watson Rutherford and Thomas Fletcher) an annuity of £400 p.a. to Elizabeth Smyth nee Kennion, the wife of Rev. John Smyth of Liverpool. She left her residual estate including her moiety of Hall Head to secure the legacies and annuities, and to raise - as soon as Harriet Hall daughter of the late Hugh Kirkpatrick Hall of Tabley and his wife Martha nee Kennion reached 21 - £12,000, to be paid £4000 to Thomas Hall eldest son of Hugh Kirkpatrick Hall, £400 to John Hall second son of Hugh Kirkpatrick Hall and £4000 in trust (the trustees were Thomas Hall, brother of Hugh Kirkpatrick Hall, and John Smyth) for Harriet Hall. Her residuary legatees were Thomas Hall the younger and John Hall. In a series of codicils: in 1800, she left a further £500 to Holland Griffith; in 1806, she instructed Abraham Watson Rutherford to destroy a trunk and its contents without inspecting them; in 1809 she left £300 in trust for the benefit of Alice Kirkpatrick then residing with her; in 1810 she left a pew in the Ben Garden Chapel purchased by her late husband John Kennion of Liverpool in 1776 in trust to Thomas Fletcher to be sold and the proceeds donated towards the building of a new chapel.


Gentleman's Magazine Vol. 83 Part 1 (Jan-June , 1813), p. 286.

  1. PROB 11/1542/460.

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In her will she left her moiety of Hall head in trust.

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The precise relationship has not been traced. Mrs Alice Kennion, the widow of John Kennion of Liverpool, was described as 'my friend' in the will of John Kennion late of Jamaica; in turn she left...
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