George Girton Saunders

???? - 1816


Resident slave-owner in Jamaica, dying c. 1816, with an 'outside' family in Jamaica, and brothers in England who were his residuary heirs.

  1. Will of George Girton Saunders of Pembroke Hall Jamaica [made in 1815] proved 22/08/1817. In the will he ordered his executors to sell his property in Jamaica, including 'negroes', in order to pay £300 each to Miss Grace Lindsay 'who has lived with me faithfully according to the manner and customs of this country' and their three children together, John George, Robert and Mary Saunders, with the latter money to be sent to England to maintain the children. If the Jamaica property was not realised, he placed the children in the care of Robert Saunders of Lewisham Kent and William Saunders M.D. of Enfield, who were also his residuary legatees.

  2. Neither the will of William Saunders Doctor of Physic [late] of Russell Square [but now of Enfield], proved 21/07/1817, nor that of Robert Saunders of Lewisham proved 11/07/1825, the brothers and co-heirs of George Girton Saunders, refer to 'slave-property' in Jamaica, implying that it was indeed sold according to the terms of George Girton Saunders' will. William Saunders was a distinguished physician who has an entry in the ODNB; Robert Saunders of Lewisham commented that most of his wealth was engaged in a cottonmill.


  1. PROB 11/1595/287.

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