Peter Stuart

???? - 1803


Peter Stuart, overseer of Sweet River pen in Westmoreland, Jamaica, from at least 1786 to 1802. Possibly also a landowner and slave-owner: described as "planter" in the Accounts Produce of 1795 and in his will written in 1802 (proved in 1804). He may also be the Peter Stuart who registered Account Produce on Smithfield Wharf in Westmoreland in 1801. Father of at least two illegitimate children: Janet Stuart (with a "free mulatto woman" named Mary Porter) and Mary Stewart (with an enslaved woman from Sweet River pen named Nancy).

Possibly the unnamed child baptised in Glenmuick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, 25/07/1745, parents Alexander Stewart and his wife Kathrine Ferguson. Peter Stuart bequeathed £1,000 each to his five nieces and nephews, sister Margaret Stuart of Glenmuick and daughter Janet Stuart as well as £500 to his father Alexander Stuart of Glenmuick. His residuary legatee was his nephew Stewart Cumming.


See estate information for Sweet River pen and Smithfield Wharf. GROS OPR Births 201 10 9. PROB 11/1404/90.

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Further Information

[with Mary Porter] Janet Stuart; [with Molly] Charlotte

PROB 11/1404/90 - precis.

Peter Stuart of the parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica, planter.

To my father Alexander Stuart of Glenmuick in the county of Aberdeen, £500 sterling.

To my sister Margaret Stuart of the parish of Glenmuick £1,000 sterling. In case of her decease this to be equally divided among the lawful heirs of her body.

To Stewart Cumming, Charles Cumming, Robert Cumming, Elizabeth Cumming and Janet Cumming, children of my late sister Janet Cumming £1,000 each. In case of the death of any without lawful issue then the sum to be divided among the children of that person at age 15 years.

It is my will and desire that £1,000 sterling be appropriated by my executors for the use of my reputed daughter Janet Stuart begotten upon the body of a free mulatto woman named Mary Porter, the sum of £40 to be paid annually out of the said sum and the interest arising thereon for six years from the time of my decease after that until she attains the age of 21 years at the rate of £100 per annum and when she attains the age of 21 to be put into the possession of the remainder of principal and interest due on the said £1,000 sterling.

It is my desire that a new negro girl and a new negro boy be purchased by my executors and delivered to a mulatto girl named Mary Stewart, a daughter of a woman named Nancy, a slave belonging to Sweet River Pen.

To a free mulatto woman named Mary Porter aforesaid my chaise horse, harness and wearing apparel.

To Charles Scott of the parish of Westmoreland my gold watch, gold chain and ceals.

All rest, residue and remainder to my nephew Stewart Cumming above mentioned and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten for ever.

Samuel Jeffries and Thomas Stewart Esquire of the parish of Westmoreland and the said Stewart Cumming to be executors.

Also Charles Scott to be one of my executors.

Signed 24/08/1802.

Codicil dated 24/08/1802. It is my desire that my executors purchase the freedom of a mulatto child named Charlotte, reputed daughter of mine by a slave of Friendship Estate named Molly.

Proved 21/01/1804.


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