George Etherington

???? - 1809


Lt-Col. George Etherington was court-martialled in 1781 at the instigation of the Governor Valentine Morris after the surrender of St Vincent.

  1. Will of George Etherington late Colonel of HM's 60th Regiment of Foot of [Albemarle Street] St James Westminster [made 08/02/1806] proved 18/11/1809. In the will he left in trust his estate and enslaved people 'situate and being at Wallibou' on St Vincent to sell, and to pay £1000 to his natural son Charles Mitchell Lieutenant in the 17th Native Regiment of the Hon. East India Co., with the remainder of the trust money for his natural daughter Mary Ann Etherington, in the care of Mrs Debonville of Manor Terrace Chelsea, and for his brother Major Thomas Etherington of Gerrard Street, in equal shares.

  2. In the will of Major Thomas Etherington of Soho proved 02/08/1810, he in turn left two-thirds of his estate to Marianne [sic] Etherington, his late brother George's natural daughter.


Dr. Todd E. Harburn and Rodger Durham, 'A Vindication of My Conduct': The Court Martial Trial of Lieutenant Colonel George Etherington of the 60th or Royal American Regiment held on the Island of St. Lucia in the West Indies, October 1781 and the Extraordinary Story of the Surrender of the Island of St. Vincent’s in the British Caribbean during the American Revolution

  1. PROB 11/1505/284. A copy of this will was identified in the St Vincent Archives by Prof. Kenneth Morgan, and recorded in EAP345: A survey of the endangered archives of St Vincent, West Indies, during the slavery era [accessed 31/03/2017].

  2. PROB 11/1514/9.

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The tentative association between the estate of Lt Col. George Etherington 'situate at Wallibo' c. 1779-1809 and the estate of the same name of the 1820s and 1830s appears to be strengthened by the presence of the Grant family as lessees in 1787 and owners in the 1820s.

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