Maria Inglis then Burns (née Reed)

???? - 1800


  1. Maria Reed married John Dickons Inglis in Alverstoke, Hampshire, 03/10/1785. John Dickons Inglis inherited Charlton estate in St Thomas-in-the-Vale from his mother Frances Inglis in 1791 and bequeathed the same to Maria on his death in 1793.

  2. John Burns married Maria Inglis at St Michael's, Southampton, 04/06/1794. John Burns, of St Mary's, Southampton, M.D., and Maria Inglis, of St Michael's, in the s.w., gave allegiance for a marriage licence in St Michael's, 03/06/1795. Maria bequeathed £100 per annum for life to John Burns in her will; her Jamaican property was bequeathed to Mary Inglis of Jamaica for life and thereafter to her husband's cousin John Inglis of Mark Lane.


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Further Information

Maiden Name
[1] John Dickons Inglis [2] John Burns

PROB 11/1340/175 - precis.

Maria Burns, wife of John Burns of the Town and County of Southampton, Doctor of Physic.

In pursuance, exercise and execution of the power and authority to me given and reserved in and by the settlement made previous and in order to my marriage with the said John Burns and of all and every other power and powers authority and authorities whatsoever enabling me in this behalf I give devise and bequeath will order and direct as follows, that is to say:

First to be buried in the same tomb with my former husband Mr Inglis and in the same manner. Also that all my debts and funeral expenses and charges of proving my will be immediately discharged. Then I give and bequeath as follows (vizt.):

To Mr Burns my husband £100 per annum for life.

Also to James Inglis of Billiter Square, London, merchant, £2,000 to be paid to him within 3 years of my decease, and likewise a miniature of my former husband Mr Inglis.

Also to Thomas Elinore, son of Thomas Elinore of Cowes in the Isle of Wight, £200 to be paid to him within 1 year of my decease and likewise my gold watch.

To Thomas Andrews Minchin of Gosport, attorney at law, £700 to be paid within 3 years of my decease.

To Louisa, the mother of Thomas Andrews Minchin £30 per annum for life.

To Thomas Siras[?] my old black servant now living in the Isle of Wight £100 to be paid within 6 months of my decease.

To my servant Elizabeth Rose £10.

To John Kent of the town of Southampton, builder, £20 and to Sarah his wife, £30.

To Peter Bernard junior of Southampton, surgeon, £200.

To John Inglis of Mark Lane of the City of London Esquire, £50 for a ring.

To the Rev. Mr Finsbury of Southampton, £5, and it is my request to him to preach a funeral sermon on my soul.

To the Rev. Mr Brougham[?] of Gosport, £5.

To Matilda Chapman, daughter of Mr Chapman of the Customs, East Cowes, £50 and also two gold muslim dresses, a sarsenet petticoat, a diamont ring and bracelets, a marquivet[?] necklace and a set of gold china.

To Sarah Gregory of Gosport, spinster, all my household furniture of every sort and kind and my wearing apparel and also £50.

By virtue of the will of my former husband Mr Inglis I am absolutely seized possessed of or entitled unto divers estates, lands, plantations, tenements and other property and effects in the Island of Jamaica to me, my heirs, executors and administrators, now I hereby charge the same and all other my estates, lands and heritaments wheresoever the same may be to and with the payment of all and every the aforesaid legacy and legacies annuity and annuities.

All the rest, residue and remainder of my estates and effects whatsoever and wheresoever both real and personal I give devise and bequeath unto Mary Inglis of Kingston in Jamaica, to hold the same unto the said Mary Inglis and her assigns for and during the term of her natural life and from and immediately after her decease I give devise and bequeath the same to John Inglis Esquire of Mark Lane and his heirs, executors and administrators absolutely for ever.

John Inglis and Mary Inglis to be executors.

Signed 18/11/1799. Witnesses Joseph Lomer, Edward Fox, Thos. Nichols.

Sworn by Thomas Nichols of Southampton, gentleman, 09/04/1800, including information that John Burns, doctor of physic of Southampton is deceased.

Proved at London 18/04/1800 by the oath of John Inglis Esquire.

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