John Martin of Greenock

???? - 1855


Merchant and possibly sugar-refiner of Greenock, son of Elizabeth Martin (q.v.). He identified himself as a co-heir with his mother of slave-property in Jamaica in correspondence with the Commissioners of Slave Compensation, but his mother appears as the only awardee under St Catherine no. 688.


T71/1606 31/10/1834 and 12/01/1836, and T71/1593 pp. 64-65, contains correspondence of Commissioners of Compensation and John Martin in Greenock re Jamaica claims. John Martin of Greenock, Scotland, wrote to the Compensation Commission 31/10/1834: 'A relative who resided in Kingston Jamaica died last spring and by will (not a trust will) bequeathed my mother, two sisters and myself Land etc in that island and about 140 negroes.' John Martin and another, in Jamaica, are the executors. 'I was immediately informed by gentlemen of the highest respectability that the property had fallen into the hands of one who had gone through his own property and was in all probability not the most likely to take proper care of a stranger's ... I therefore sent out my brother-in-law' with full powers, but not recognised in Jamaica, 'the other executor [Charles Ross of Kingston? letter of 28/05/1835 and T71/852] will not give up the property'. 'I have said, all I wish is to secure to the females any residue of the compensation.'

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£2,653 14s 5d
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Greenock, Renfrewshire, Central Scotland, Scotland