Nathaniel Barton MP

9th Nov 1764 - 1828


MP for Westbury in 1820, apparently as place-holder for Sir Manasseh Masseh Lopes. Nathaniel Barton was the nephew of Zachary and Nathaniel Bayly (each of whom q.v.), and trustee of the will of his cousin Wentworth Bayly (q.v.). His mother Ann was left an annuity of £100 p.a. under the will of her brother Zachary Bayly and he himself received £2000; his parents' marriage settlement also included £1000 from Nathaniel Bayly of Lincoln Inn Fields, Ann's other brother. Beyond these monetary legacies, no direct slave-ownership has been established for Nathaniel Barton. His father John Barton of Corsley was a Wiltshire landowner whose will was proved in 1785.

  1. Will of Nathaniel Barton of Corsley Wiltshire proved 03/01/1829. The will deals at length with property in England which, after provision for his wife and daughters and the bequest of his stake in the Salamander Fire Society Office to his former associate Edward Tugwell Lawrence, he left to his son, also Nathaniel (1813-1878).


Stephen Farrell, 'Barton, Nathaniel (1764-1828)', History of Parliament online, which shows personalty at death of £25,000.

  1. PROB 11/1750/12.

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Country house
Corsley House [Built] 
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Country house, rebuilt c. 1820 for Nathaniel Barton. The History of Parliament says 'He had Corsley House 'ostentatiously rebuilt c....

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Westbury Wiltshire

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