Lachlan McGillivray

???? - 1815


Son of Alexander McGillivray of Daviot. Managed Sunflower, the Jamaica plantation of his relative John McGillivray (q.v.) and eventually bought it. In his will, he ordered his plantations and slaves be sold and the proceeds invested in freehold land in England or Ireland.

  1. Married Anne Mckinzie Kennedy in Inverness, 25/12/1807. Eldest son Lachlan born 28/11/1808 and baptised in Inverness, 21/12/1808. Another son William (deceased by 1813) baptised in Inverness, 18/05/1810. A daughter, Mary Randall McGillivary, born (according to the 1851 census) in Inverness around 1813. Possibly another child born in mid- to late-1813.


Amos J. Wright, Jr., The McGillivray and McIntosh Traders: On the Old Southwest Frontier 1716-1815 (Montgomery, Alabama, 2007); PROB 11/1578/221.

  1. batch no. M11098-2; GROS OPR Births 98 70 51 Inverness; GROS OPR Births 98 70 120 Inverness; 1851 census online.

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Further Information

Anna McKenzie Kennedy
Lachlan (1808-), William (1810-), Mary Randall, and two reputed sons

PROB 11/1578/221 - precis.

Lachlan McGillivray late of the Island of Jamaica now in London Esquire.

Ratify marriage settlement with wife Anna McKenzie McGillivray: should she survive me and there be lawful issue, she should be entitled to an annuity of £300 sterling (in case of no issue then an annuity of £500).

To my brother Alexander McGillivray of Daviot in the county of Inverness, £25 sterling for a mourning ring.

To my sister Janet McGillivray of Daviot, spinster, £25.

My executors to pay to my reputed son James MacGillivray £30 sterling a year for the next two years, and the capital sum of £200 after that if my executors should think fit (otherwise this captial sum to be paid to him at age 21). The interest of this sum to be paid to him during his minority.

To my reputed daughter Janet McGillivray £30 the same sums with the same conditions as James.

All rest and residue to my son Lachlan McGillivray, my daughter Mary Randall McGillivray and the child of which my said wife is now ensient, to be divided into quarters: two quarters to my son Lachlan, one quarter to my daughter Mary Randall and one quarter to the child yet to be born. Should all my children die under age without issue then in default to my reputed children James and Janet.

My executors, who are to be guardians of my children, should sell my plantations and slaves in Jamaica and to invest the proceeds in the purchase of freehold lands in England or Scotland.

My wife Anna McKenzie McGillivray and Francis Robertson of Lincoln's Inn, William Kennedy of Inverness, doctor of physic and Thomas Edgar of Soarpur[?] Street, Bloomsbury, merchant, to be guardians of my children. The same and John Shaw of Rockbrook in St Thomas in the East, Jamaica to be executors.

Signed 15/04/1813.

Sworn by James Brooke of Lincoln's Inn 09/03/1816.

Proved at London 11/03/1816 by Thomas Edgar.

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Inverness, Inverness-shire, Highlands & Islands, Scotland
Daviot, Inverness-shire, Highlands & Islands, Scotland