Charles Knight

???? - 1706


Resident planter, owner of Whitehall in St Thomas-in-the-East, Jamaica, which be bequeathed to his neice Elizabeth Knight.

Further Information

? Suffield

PROB 11/494/165 - precis.

Charles Knight of the parish of Kingston Esquire.

To Lucia Mitchell the wife of William Mitchell of Kingston, bricklayer, all that parcel of land formerly belonging to Edward Jones, stiuated in Church Street in Kingston by me lately purchased. £200 to be paid to her by my executors in trust. Also to Lucia "Tom a Negro Man now or late in the possession of Capt. Thomas Grey of Port Royal, Nanny Marina and Sabella with Sabella's child... I do likewise appoint the said Lucia Mitchell shall have and enjoy the use of two Negro Women named Penns and Carabou until such time as her daughter Elizabeth shall attain her age of twenty one years or her day of marriage..." Penn and Carabou to be then inherited by Elizabeth or in default to Lucia's son Thomas.

To Lucia's son Thomas, all my land in Port Royal not otherwise devised, and my plantation which I lately purchased of Abraham Walker near Passarge Fort in the parish of St Catherine. In default to Elizabeth, daughter of Lucia Mitchell. In further default to my loving niece Eliza Knight and daughter of my late brother John Knight deceased.

To Elizabeth, daughter of Lucia Mitchell, all my houses in Kingston except those previously belonging to Edward Jones and previously bequeathed to her mother Lucia. In default to Thomas Mitchell and his heirs; further in default to Eliza Knight. Also to Elizabeth Mitchell, £1,000 Jamaican currency at age 21 years or marriage. The interest meanwhile to be applied to her maintenance and education.

To Mary West who now lives with me, "a wherry and two negro men called Thom and Orange". Also to her all the furniture of my house I now live in in Kingston except the plate and £200 Jamaican currency.

To my godson Nathaniel Stevenson, £200 Jamaican currency at age 21.

To Joseph de Silva, my bookkeeper, £200 provided he be aiding and assisting my executors in the recovering and getting in such debts as are now due to me.

To my cozen Phillip Knight, now under the care of Humphrey South the elder of London, merchant, £2,000 sterling at age 21.

To my cozen the sister of Phillip Knight, whose christian name I do not at present remember, £2,000 sterling at age 21 or marriage.

Humphrey South the elder, Charles Kent and Humphrey South the younger, all merchants of the City of London, to be executors in trust of my estate in England during the minority of my beloved niece Elizabeth Knight. £100 sterling to each of my executors in England.

Richard Thompson of the parish of Kingston Esquire, Joseph Sergeant Esquire and Anthony Major Marchant, both of Kingston, to be executors in trust of my estate in Jamaica during the minority of Elizabeth Knight. £100 Jamaican currency to each of them. Richard Thompson alone to order, direct and intermedle with any ships or vessels or their loadings "whether Negroes or other merchandize".

All rest and residue of my real estate, lands, tenements, plantations, "Negroes or other heriditaments" in the island of Jamaica, England or elsewhere to my beloved niece Elizabeth Knight, who is now or late was under the care of Humphrey South the elder of the City of London, merchant. In default to my cosen Phillip Knight and his issue; in further default to the sister of Phillip Knight and her issue.

To Humphrey South the elder, Charles Kent and Humphrey South the younger, £2,000 sterling upon trust that they distribute the same amongst my poor relations in England for whom I have not provided in this will.

To my aunt Draper, wife of John Draper of London, £1,000 sterling.

To my father-in-law Messr. John Suffield of Evesham in Worcestershire £300 sterling.

All rest, residue and remainder of my personal estate to my niece Elizabeth Knight at age 21 or marriage. In default to Phillip Knight and his heirs, then to his sister and her heirs.

My niece Elizabeth Knight to be sole executrix of this will when she reaches the age of 21 years or at marriage.

Signed 15/12/1706.

Sworn in Jamacia by witnesses 23/01/1706/7.

Proved in London 03/05/1707.

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