Dominic Duany

???? - 1784


Owner of Mount Pleasant in St Thomas-in-the-East, Jamaica.

Further Information

Ann Mary

PROB 11/1124/187 - precis.

Dominick Duany of Warfield in the County of Berkshire Esquire.

All my plantations and estates in Jamaica to Francis Wright of Bedford Square, Middlesex, Esquire and Michael Bray of Lincolns Inn Esquire upon trust for the use of my son-in-law Michael Teighe and thereafter to the use of his widow Ann Teighe, then their eldest son Dominick Teighe and his issue, in default to Mathew Teighe, second son of Michael Teighe and Ann Teighe and his heirs, then to Thomas Teighe, third son, and his heirs, then Frederick Teighe, fourth son, and his heirs, then the other sons of my daugher Ann Teighe in priority of birth, then the daughters of Ann Teighe, Frances, Ann and Mary equally.

Out of the rents and profits of my Jamaican estates, trustees to pay the following annuities:

To my dear sister Frances Duany £100 per annum for life in satisfaction of an annuity of £50 and the sum of £800 left her by the will of my late brother Edmund Duany.

To my dear sister Juliana Duany 12 guineas per annum for life.

To my niece Juliana Corcoran, widow, £10 per annum for life.

To Miss Mary Brown who lately lived with me, £20 per annum for life.

To my servant William Lawrence £20 per annum for life.

To Catherine Mograth now living with me £15 per annum for life.

To Mathew Teighe, Thomas Teighe and Frederick Teighe and all other sons of the body of Ann Teighe, £3,000 at age 21.

To Frances Teighe, Ann Teighe and Mary Teighe and all other daughters of Ann Teighe, £2,000 at age 21 or marriage.

All my lands near Warfield to Michael Teighe and his assigns for his life and thereafter to Ann Teighe, her heirs and assignes for ever.

All residue to my daughter Ann Teighe.

Signed 16/02/1784.

Codicil dated 20/01/1780 but confirmed as a codicil to the will on 06/11/1784. To the heirs of John Lynch of Belwell in the county of Galway, Ireland, £750 Jamaican currency provided however the heirs of the said John Lynch to prevent any possible doubts which may occur to the future purchasors of my estate in Jamaica give to Michael Teighe such full and clear title as they shall see necessary to demand.

Codicil dated 04/11/1784. To Kelly Teighe, the brother of my late son in law Doctor Michael Teighe £50 per annum for life to be paid out of my estates in Jamaica. To Edward Crane of Wardour Street, Soho, such an annual sum of money as shall be agreed upon between my daughter Ann (widow of Michael Teighe) and the said Edward Crane to be raised out of my estates in Jamaica and to be paid in London to Edward Crane during his natural life and that of one of his children, if it should be agreed upon between my said daughter Ann Teighe and Edward Frane in lieu of a debt of £800 due from Michael Teighe to Edward Crane.

Codicil dated 06/11/1784. To my servant William Lawrence £20 per annum for life out of the profits of my Jamaican estates, then to his wife Catherine for life if she should survive him. William Lawrence and my daughter Ann Mary Teighe to be joint executors with Michael Bray and Francis Wright.

Proved in London 11/12/1784.

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Warfield, Berkshire, Central England, England