Archibald Graham

???? - 1827


Owner of Island Head in St Thomas-in-the-East, Jamaica. Deceased by 1829. He bequeathed Island Head to John Elmslie junior and made several bequests to illegitimate children.

Assumed to be the Archibald Graham who was overseer on Mount Pleasant in St Thomas-in-the-East 1788-1799.


PROB 11/1730/279.

Further Information


PROB 11/1730/279 - precis.

Archibald Graham of St Thomas-in-the-East Jamica, planter.

All my real and personal estate to be made liable for the payment of my debts, annuities and legaies hereby bequeathed.

To Margarett H. Riven, late of Kingston but now of Great Britain, single woman, £500 Jamaican currency.

To William Rodger Esquire of Glasgow in Scotland £1,000 sterling to pay annually to Mary Graham, the mother of Robert Graham, Charles Graham and Janet Graham her children the sum of £30 Jamaican currency each. One the death of one or more, the sum of £30 to be paid to the survivors.

My executors to manumit my slave named Sally Osborn and her daughter Mary Ann Graham and to pay her on behalf of her daughter Mary Ann £20 Jamaican currency each year for life.

All my money in the funds or in the hands of my merchants and correspondents and all rest and residue to my friend John Elmslie of Windsor, Great Britain, Esquire, for ever.

John Elmslie, James Brydon of Kingston, merchant, and Charles Anderson of St Thomas-in-the-East, planter, to be executors.

To James Brydon and Charles Anderson £50 Jamaican currency each.

Signed 09/09/1825.

My clothes and sadlery to be given to Mary Graham and her children.

Codicil dated 07/02/1826. Make void the bequest made to Margaret H. Riven having or will remit to her a bill of exchange for £300 sterling.

Codicil dated 24/10/1826. To my heir or heirs at law 20 shillings each Jamaican currency.

Proved at London 07/09/1827 by John Elmslie.


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