Anna Maria Oates

???? - 1870


Anna Maria Oates received monetary legates from her brothers Hibbert Oates and George Hibbert Oates, and through her mother Mary Oates from Mary's brother Thomas Hibbert, all of which were almost certainly derived from slavery. George Hibbert Oates had a natural daughter named Anna Maria, presumably a namesake.

  1. Anna Maria Oates died in 1870 of Sion Hill Bath leaving £20,000.


  1. National Probate Calendar 1870.

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Portrait of Anna Maria Oates by Lance Calkin, date unknown (but by appearance 1860-1870) held by the Oates Museum at Gilbert White's house at Selbourne. The link if any between the families of Anna... 
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Sister → Brother

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Sion Hill, Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England