Lieut. Col. John McDonald

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Heir of Allan McDonald (q.v.). Lt Col. John McDonald sold almost all the enslaved people whom he had inherited in 1826, but removed one of them (a creole man named Robert Brydie shown as 21 in 1826) to England. He has not been reliably identified by LBS. This is possibly Lt Col John Macdonald of Saint Sidwell, Exeter whose will (which makes no reference to Jamaica) was proved 20/09/1831. If so, he has an entry in the ODNB as 'military engineer and cartographer': this man was the son of Allan MacDonald of Kingsburgh and the Jacobite figure Flora Macdonald.


PROB 11/1790/290; Harfield, Alan. 2004 "Macdonald, John (1759–1831), military engineer and cartographer." Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. 11 Oct. 2018.

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