John Horne of St Vincent

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LBS has inferred that the man described as 'John Horne of St Vincent' in biographical details for the historian George William Cox (1827-1902), son of George Hamilton Cox and Eliza Kearton Horne, daughter of 'John Horne, planter of St Vincent', was also the father of Frances Kegan Paul (nee Horne), the wife of the Rev. Charles Paul (q.v.), and had died by 1827. The John Horne of the compensation records was presumably this man's son.

  1. f. 87‐90 Entered 18 April 1809 Sale of slaves: an indenture dated 9 September 1807 in which Matthew Brickdale (esquire, County of Somerset) through his agent paid £950 for seven slaves formerly belonging to John Horne, who had had judgements made against him at the Court of Kings Bench and Common Pleas in Saint Vincent.


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