Edward Otto Bayer or Baijer

???? - 1779


Slave-owner on Antigua, President of HM Council, 'inherited Lady Cook's plantation of 536 acres and Five Islands of 215 acres.' Based on the provisions of his will, he must have been tenant-for-life in the estate or estates.

  1. Will of Edward Otto Bayer of Antigua proved 05/08/1779. He left £1500 to Sarah Cotterel of Nottingham Street and all his household effects, the £1500 [plus interest at 8%] to be paid out of the £4000 invested the funds at his direction by Messrs Staples, Dimsdale & Co., bankers. He left £20 p.a. to Sarah Cotterel's daughter Mary. He was currently he said paying Sarah Cotterel an allowance of £150 p.a. and ordered that to be continued until the £1500 was paid. He left 20 guineas to his servant Charles Athill and directed his passage to England be paid. He left to his 'mulatto slave Jenny' £8 currency p.a.; his 'slave' Priscilla £4 currency p.a. and his 'slave' Quasheba £6 12s currency p.a. [none of the women was freed]. He had he said made significant improvements to his plantations on Antigua, to the extent of £16,000 currency, and he ordered that the sum be paid to the executors [of John Otto Bayer jun.] on the death of John Otto Bayer jun. late Captain in HM 38th regiment by whoever was entitled at that point to Edward Otto Bayer's plantations in remainder. [John Otto Bayer the younger was identified in the probate as the son of Edward Otto Bayer.]


Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol. I p. 18.

  1. PROB 11/1056/24.

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- 1779 [LA] → Tenant-for-life

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- 1779 [LA] → Tenant-for-life

Tentative association only

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Sophia Otto Norman has tentatively been inferred by LBS to have been the same woman as the Sophia Otto, daughter of Frances Clerkley, and likely to have been the natural daughter of John Otto Bayer,...