William Saunders Sebright Lascelles

29th Oct 1798 - 2nd Jul 1851


Third son of Henry Lascelles, 2nd Earl of Harewood, and Henrietta, daughter of Lt.-Gen. Sir John Saunders Sebright, 6th bt., of Beechwood, Hertfordshire; brother of Hon. Henry Lascelles. Married, 14 May 1823, Lady Caroline Georgina Howard, daughter of George Howard, 6th Earl of Carlisle.

Included here because Judd lists him as a 'West Indian' MP - presumably on the basis of his family connections. But he wavered between Tory and Whig affiliations - his wife's family were Whigs - and, from the 1830s Conservatism and from 1847 Liberalism. He voted for the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1846. There is no obvious, direct personal involvement with slavery.


Entry by Martin Casey in History of Parliament online; Gerrit P. Judd IV, Members of Parliament 1734-1832 (New Haven, Yale University Press, 1955).

Further Information

Lady Caroline Georgina Howard
5 daughters, 7 sons (3 deceased before father)
Army officer and politician

Legacies Summary

Political (1)

Tory then Liberal / West India interest 
election →
Northallerton Yorkshire
1820 - 1826
election →
East Looe Cornwall
1826 - 1830
election →
Northallerton Yorkshire
1831 - 1832
election →
Wakefield Yorkshire, West Riding
1837 - 1841
election →
Wakefield Yorkshire, West Riding
1842 - 1847
election →
Knaresborough Yorkshire
1847 - 1851

Relationships (1)

Son → Father