James Blair of St Vincent

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Probably but not certainly James Blair of Blalr & Co., shown as the original purchaser on St Vincent of Lot No. 115 (138 acres) that (with Lots Nos. 119-121 totalling a further 128 acres) became Richmond Hill.

  1. Will of James Blair of St Vincent [made in 1772] proved 10/01/1781. He ordered his real and personal estate be sold to fund legacies of £500 each to his wife Jennetta, his brothers David and Cumberland William Blair and his [unnamed] sisters, and the rest in trust for the child or children with whom his wife was then pregnant.


Charles Shephard, An Historical Account of St Vincent (1831) Appendix XX 'References to a Plan of the Island, as Published by John Byres, 1776.'

  1. PROB 11/1073/115

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Jennetta Bannister (nee Sharpe)

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Possibly of Blalr & Co., the original purchaser of Lot No. 115 in St Vincent, that became Richmond Hill with Lots Nos. 119-121.

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