Mary Verney Baroness Fermanagh

1737 - 1810


Niece, next of kin and executrix of Ralph Verney 2nd Earl (q.v.) and party to a 'Cause between Robert Kerr and Alexandra [sic, but almost certainly Alexander] McLeod, appellants, and Mary Verney, Baroness Fermanagh, and John Pedley, respondents, plantation in St. Thomas-in-the-East in Jamaica, also sums advanced by Sir William Forbes of N[orth] B[ritain].....dated 1791.' Mary Verney, Baroness Fermanagh, had inherited among other property a mortgage over the Rhine estate from her uncle Ralph Verney, 2nd Earl Verney.

  1. The will of Rt Hon. Mary Verney Baroness Fermanagh made in 1801 with a codicil of 1807 proved 07/12/1810 is silent on 'West India property', leaving her property in trust largely for the benefit of her sister Catherine Wright.


Caribbeana vol. 2 'Deeds relating to West Indies' no. 86.

  1. PROB 11/1517/225.

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