Robert Tuite

???? - 1811


Slave-owner on St Croix, son and heir of Nicholas Tuite (q.v.)

  1. 1 May 1778 770,000 guilders [mortgage] for Robert Tuite of London for the sugar plantations Sion Farm, Richmond, Strawberry Hill and Grange, all lying on the American Danish island of St Croix, through Gabriel Bourcourd & Co., Amsterdam, Surety Christopher Macevoy St Croix, Thomas Stapleton London, Chippendale Selby & Co., Copenhagen.

  2. Will of Robert Tuite Planter and Chamberlain to His Danish Majesty of St Croix proved 20/12/1813. He left Sion Hill and Grange to his nephew Charles MacCarthy 'of this island' 'on condition of his undertaking to fulfil all my engagements.' In 1832 the administration of the will appears to have passed to representatives of Robert Lincoln, a creditor of the deceased Robert Tuite of St Croix and Baltimore Maryland.


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  2. PROB 11/1550/355.

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