Robert Mingay

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Slave-owner in Kingston, Jamaica. Died between 1820 and 1823. Enslaved people bequeathed to Catherine A. Ashburn, later Keir, who may have been his widow.

  1. Robert, son of Susanna Gale by Eyre Robert Minga [sic], was born 16/03/1771 and baptised in Kingston 10/4/1771. The register entry gives no particulars concerning the parents.

  2. The father was probably Eyre Robert Mingay who was a half-pay Captain, formerly of the 90th Foot (disbanded in 1763), who married Ann, daughter of Rev. Dr. Alexander Webster of Edinburgh in 1777, and was dead by 1815.

  3. Robert Mingay, chaise-maker, Kingston, was recorded as the owner of Cato, a creole, who was detained in St Ann’s Workhouse in December 1816, having had “a ticket from his master dated 12 July 1811 to get some person to cure him and was committed to be supported at the expense of his owner”.


See entry for Catherine A. Keir.

  1., Jamaican parish registers, Kingston Baptisms 1722-1792 p. 219.

  2. Scots Magazine, June 1777; Caledonian Mercury, 31/08/1815.

  3. Royal Gazette of Jamaica 11/01/1817.

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