Christopher Codrington II

1668 - 1710


Son and heir of Christopher Codrington I (1639/40-1698) and famously the benefactor of All Souls, where the Codrington Library stands as a monument to his legacies to the College of £10,000 - £6000 for the building of the Library, and £4000 to stock it - and of his own books.


Mandelbrote, Scott. "Codrington, Christopher (1668–1710), colonial governor and benefactor." Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. 19 Apr. 2018.; Codrington's father, the son in turn of Christopher Codrington (d. 1656), also has an entry in the ODNB, O'Shaughnessy, Andrew J. "Codrington, Christopher (1639/40–1698), planter and colonial official." Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. 19 Apr. 2018.

Further Information

Oxford (Christchurch); Oxford (All Souls) [1685; 1690 ]
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- 1710 [EY] → Owner

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Library - books
Codrington left £10,000 to All Souls, including £6000 to build the library and £4000 to stock it; he also left it his own collection of... 

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Sir William Codrington was the son of Christopher Codrington II's cousin and co-heir Sir William Codrington 1st bart....