Thomas Daniel senior

1730 - 1802


Father of Thomas Daniel the 'King of Bristol.' Thomas Daniel senior was the third generation of the Daniel family to be born in Barbados since his grandfather John Daniel (1623–1689) had emigrated there from England in the mid-C17th. In 1764 Thomas Daniel senior took his family back to Bristol and established himself there as the fifth largest sugar importer in the city before 1800. 'A prominent headstone in Bristol Cathedral honouring him attests to the Barbadian origins of this "respectable merchant".'

  1. The will of Thomas Daniel merchant of Lambeth Surrey was proved 12/05/1802. He left £5000 to his son John, other monetary legacies to grandchildren and his estate known as Blowers to his son Thomas, who was also the residuary heir.


Madge Dresser, 'Thomas Daniel', Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

  1. PROB 11/1374/118.

Further Information

Eleanor, née Neil (1737–1774)
(including) Thomas; John
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Thos. Daniel & Co.
West India merchant  

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