Evan Fraser jun.

???? - 1822


There was an appeal for creditors of the late Evan Fraser jun. 'of this colony' [Berbice] in 1822 and in 1831 a call for creditors of Pleasing Hope and Ridge of the Evan Fraser late of this colony [Demerary and Essequibo] deceased. These two calls related to different men: with Evan Fraser of Belladrum (d. 1813, q.v.), there seem in fact to have been three Evan Frasers active in what became British Guiana.


In 1819 an Evan Fraser had registered the enslaved people on a Plantation called Naida or Maida on the West Coast of Corantyne, the property of Campbells, Fraser (q.v.), and a man of the same name had registered the enslaved people on Seafield 'situated on the West Coast' as proprietor. LBS has tentatively associated the Seafield estate with Evan Fraser jun.

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1818 [EA] - 1818 [LA] → Owner

This is a tentative association with Even Fraser jun.; it is possible the estate belonged to Evan Fraser (d. 1830).