James Tierney

???? - 1784


Merchant of Kingston in Jamaica, former partner with Thomas Myers or Meyers. His co-heir was his brother George Tierney, the British politician.

  1. In the will of James Tierney proved 08/11/1784, he said: 'And whereas the greater part of my fortune consists in monies due to me on account of the co-partnership in which I engaged with Mr Thomas Meyers and which monies I have every reason to believe will, in case of my decease before a settlement, be very difficult to be recovered and collected in by my executors and it being my wish that all my monies in this country except such as I have hereinbefore disposed of should be remitted to England as soon as possible after my decease I do therefore, in order to effect such remittance more speedily, hereby direct that they, my said executors in this island, do use every diligence to bring said Mr Meyers and the debtors to the said co-partnership to an early settlement...'


http://www.historyofparliamentonline.org/volume/1790-1820/member/tierney-george-1761-1830; PROB 11/1124/8

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