Handyside Edgar

27th Mar 1754 - 8th Jun 1806


  1. Born 27/03/1754 and baptised the following month in Leith, near Edinburgh, son of Alexander Edgar and his wife Margaret nee Edgar. His father owned Wedderly and Osborn estates in Jamaica though Handyside was apparently "born and bred in the Parish of Hamilton". Graduated MA and MD from Glasgow University in 1776. Became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1786. Married a daughter of [blank] Simpson of Bounty Hall, Jamaica. Died s.p. 08/06/1806.

  2. Sold four runs of land in Trelawny, Jamaica, each of 300 acres, to John Tharp in 1781.

  3. Owed £792 to Sir Simon Haughton Clarke and two bonds for £2440 to his brother Alexander Edgar at the time of his death in 1806. Named his wife Mary as executrix. After Handyside's death, Clarke and Alexander Edgar sued his estate for payment of debts.


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Further Information

Mary Simpson
Physician and planter

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1819 [EA] - 1819 [LA] → Previous owner

This is tentative only and does not fit with the Slave Registers which show William Cleghorn as the owner from 1817. In the will of Alexander Edgar of Wedderly and Stockbridge near Edinburgh, made in 1819, he left the Grange pen in St James, part of Farm Pen that had previously belonged to his brother Handyside Edagr, to be sold for the benefit of his [the testator's] son also named Alexander.

1809 [EA] - 1815 [LA] → Previous owner

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Son → Father
Brother-in-law → Sister-in-law
Deceased Husband → Widow
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Mary Edgar identified herself as the widow of Handyside Edgar in her will made in 1816 and proved in...