William Robinson of Dominica

???? - 1821


Slave-owner on Dominica, part of a wider slave-owning family, with an estate at Epsom Surrey in England. Brother of Skeffington and Alexander Robinson (each of whom q.v.).

  1. Will of William Robinson of Dominica [made in 1817 and attested in 1822] proved 17/02/1829. He left £400 each to five siblings, and the income from the estate at Epsom in Surrey which he had inherited under the will of John Robinson to his two brothers Skeffington and Alexander Robinson, with the proviso that Alexander had an interest in fee simple in the estate. He left 100 joes to Estelle Drajo [sic] a 'free mulatto' who lived with him, who was 'enceinte'. Robinson left to the unborn child his 'small coffee estate' on Dominica called Epsom Hall. His residuary heirs were his brothers Skeffington, Alexander and Thomas. In a codicil of 1821 made in London he displayed anxiety about he transmission of the English estate at Epsom and attempted to confirm its transmission to his brothers.


  1. PROB 11/1752/55

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