Nathaniel Bogle French senior

???? - 1816


London merchant, son and former partner of James Bogle French (q.v.) and father of Nathaniel Bogle French junior (q.v.). Nathaniel Bogle French senior (1758-1816 - some sources give 1817) married Elizabeth nee Skottowe (1761-1803). The family firm (from which Nathaniel Bogle French jun. had retired in 1811) failed in 1815.

  1. On Tuesday morning, at Brighton, after a long and painful illness, sincerely regretted, Nathaniel Bogle French, Esq. aged 58.


Henry Maddock, Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of the Vice-Chancellor of England Vol. III (Philadelphia, 1829) pp. 205-208; London Gazette 16448 29/01/1811, p. 188.

  1. London Morning Post 12/12/1816 p. 4.

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Bogle French
West India merchant  
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Bank of England

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Brighton, Sussex, South-east England, England