Alexander Forteath

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Partner with James Dick (almost certainly James Dick of Finsbury Square q.v.) and Robert Milligan (q.v.) in Jamaica in the 1780s. The partners were slave-factors.

  1. In the will of Alexander Forteath of Westmoreland [made in 1779] proved 06/03/1786 he appointed as his executors his friend and co-partner James Dick and his brothers George and James Forteath, on the eve of a voyage to New York. All his property he said was engaged in trade in a joint concern with James Dick and Robert Millligan under the firm [sic] of Alexander Forteath & Co. and James Dick & Co. He felt £200 to his mother. His residuary heirs were his sisters and brothers, with one-third to Mrs Margaret Tod, one-third to two other sisters Mary and Isabel, and one-third to three brothers John, George and James.

  2. Probably the same man as the Alexander Forteath whose will was proved in Jamaica, 30/04/1783.


  1. PROB 11/1139/233.

  2. LOS 49.

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James Dick & Co.

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Business partners
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James Dick of James Dick & Co. in Jamaica has been inferred by LBS to have been the same man as James Dick later of Finsbury Square...