Portia Galindo

???? - 1850


Annuitant (after the her mother Frances) under the will of her uncle William Delaroche II (q.v.), who left an annuity of £50 p.a. secured on Giddy Hall to his sister Frances Galindo, wife of Philemon Galindo, and then to his nieces Charlotte and Portia Galindo.

  1. Will of Portia Galindo spinster of Sloane Street proved 25/05/1850. Under the will she left to her partner Isabella Jardine her share in Tryon House in Sloane Street, and a portrait of Isabella Jardine by Frederick Watts, and a life interest in her residual estate. She left the remainder, after Isabella Jardine's death, in one-fifth shares to her sister Charlotte, wife of John Kingswell Bragge, and to nieces and family friends.

  2. Portia Galindo was co-proprietor of 'Miss Jardine and Galindo's Academy' at Tryon House, 116 Sloane Street up to c. 1850.


There is an account of the Galindo family, including the theatrical career of Philemon Galindo, at http://www.englishgalindos.co.uk/Philemon%20Galindo.html [accessed 01/03/2019]

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Niece → Uncle

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Tryon House, Sloane Street, London, Middlesex, London, England