James Bartlet

14th Apr 1737 - 7th Apr 1817


  1. "James Barlet (1737–1817) was the oldest of the seven sons of the Provost of Banff, James Bartlet of Afforsk (1683–1769). He joined the 4th Regiment of Foot as a gentleman soldier, served at the siege of Martinique in 1761, and returned to Britain to become a lieutenant in an Independent Company of Foot. He went back to the Caribbean in 1763 and acquired a cotton plantation in Carriacou, which he owned until 1783. By 1788 he was re-established in his home town of Banff, where he lived until his death."

  2. James Bartlet, son of James Bartlet, merchant in Banff, born 14/04/1737 and baptised 15/04/1737 in Banff.

  3. Family relationships are confirmed in the will of Patrick's brother John of Gower Street, Middlesex, Commander of the Contractor East Indiaman, written in 1778 and proved in 1824. His residuary legatees were his mother Helen Bartlet of Banff, widow, his brothers James Bartlet, Robert Bartlet and Patrick Bartlet and his sisters Lady Dunbar of Banff, widow, and Helen Milne, wife of Alexander Milne of St Mary at Hill, London, merchant. The "present wife" of James Bartlet at the time was Mary Bartlet.


  1. Email from David Alston, 06/02/2019. John Malcolm Bulloch, Territorial soldiering in the north-east of Scotland during 1759-1814 (Aberdeen, 1914), p. 359; James Imlach, History of Banff and Familiar Account of Its Inhabitants and Belongings... (1868) p. 107. There are nine children of James Bartlet of Afforsk given in the OPRs for Banff between 1737 and 1757, including Patrick (1752-1830, q.v.).

  2. GROS OPR Births 147/ 20 341 Banff. James Bartlet senior appears as Baillie in the baptism record of his youngest child Patrick.

  3. PROB 11/1689/130. The Lady Dunbar of the will was Jane[t], baptised in Banff in 1742, who married Sir William Dunbar, 3rd Bart, of Durn, in 1765 as his second wife: see http://toonloon.bizland.com/ppap/?page_id=1169 [accessed 04/03/2019] sourced to A. and H. Taylor, Jacobites of Aberdeenshire and Banffshire in the Forty-Five.

We are grateful to David Alston for his assistance with compiling this entry.

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